Combined, our mentors have several hundred years of experience in various industries, including Fashion, Import/Export, Food, Retail, Business Development, Branding, Marketing, and More. Many have studied in top training programs including Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Goldman Sachs Tory Burch and are ready to share their expertise with you!

Madelon Wallace

Solutions by Madelon

Harry Williams

Vice President, Score LA

Desiree Doubrox

CEO, Empowered Woman

Xiomara Pena

Small Business Majority

Karen Coleman

Business Consultant

Barbara Daoust

Thinking Into Results

Lillit L. Cholakian Professional Coach/ Speaker/Trainer

Mike Lainez

Operation Hope

Millu Ramirez Financial Well-Being For Women

Lorriane Garcia


Abbi Yeboah

PinkShoe Marketing

Janice Calberg

Inclusion Entertainment

Alex Knaub

Stone/Dean LLC

Robin Kellogg

Robin Kellogg Associates

Sandra Ortiz

Organizational Management

Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius

Ambrosius Center

Cynthia Stott

Success MindSet Coach

Connie Sparks

Wade Institute

Richard Stern


Barbara Wilder

Author/Speaker/Life Coach/Energy Healer

Susie Fabrocini

Great Life Financials

Marianne Emma Jeff

Womens Business Momentum Center

Micaela Passeri

Love You Revolution

Yeni Hercules

H&P Logistics Inc

Michaela Rauscher

Financial Advisor

Carol PilkingtonĀ 

Urgenita PrevostĀ