The Women’s Collaborative Mentoring Program (WCMP) guides women business owners, through a customized four-part sequenced curriculum including Business Essentials, Marketing Strategy, Confidence Builder and Personal Development. Business training organizations offer one or two of these areas. However, no one effectively offers all four. We connect businesses with mentors and organizations that have the capacity, commitment, and capability of supporting a successful Collaborative Mentoring Program. The curriculum is tailored to the industry specific needs of each client. 


The building blocks to create a detailed business plan that includes the business model canvas, lean strategy, and pitch deck.

* Business Plan

* Business Canvas

* Lean Strategy

* Financial Planning

* Business Law

* Advisory Board

* Business Networking

* Business Connections

* Pipeline Management

* Licensing/Entities

* Purpose / Vision

* Pitch Deck


The Marketing Development module takes your unique selling points, to customize your marketing model to fit your client’s lifestyle.

* Passion to Profit

* Sharing Your Story

* Building Your Brand

* Service that Sells

* Pricing

* Inbound/Out Marketing

* Marketing Materials


* Tech / Social Media


Embrace Confidence! This module helps you learn the power of mindset and positive thinking into results.

* Collaborative Mentoring

* Mastermind

* Embracing Your Power

* Paradigm shift

* Communication Skills

* Soft Skills

* Pitch Practice

* Membership to Networking

* Membership to Industry


You embrace the high value of your time so you can manifest your own style and personal worth through your confidence.

* Health & Fitness

* Balance Time Management

* Creating Your Style

* Personal Care Plan

* Relax Revamp Renew

* Clearing Clutter

* Life Skills

SWOT Analysis


  • Capabilities
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Resources, Assets, and People
  • Experience, Knowledge, and Data
  • Financial Reserves, Returns
  • Marketing, Reach
  • Innovative Aspects
  • Location, Geographical
  • Price, Value, Quality
  • Processes, Systems, Its,
  • Communications
  • Advantages of Solutions


  • Lack of capabilities
  • Gap in competitive strengths
  • Reputation, presence, and reach
  • Timescales, deadlines, and pressures
  • Financials
  • Cash Flow, Cash Drain
  • Continuity, Supply Chain
  • Effects on core activities
  • Reliability of data, plan, and project
  • Management cover & succession


  • Market Developments
  • Industry or lifestyle trends
  • Innovation and technology development
  • Global Influences
  • Market dimensions, horizontal, vertical
  • Target Market
  • Geographical import, export
  • Major contracts, tactics, and surprises
  • Business/product development


  • Political and economic effects
  • Legislative effects
  • Environmental effects
  • Competitive intentions
  • Market Demand
  • Innovations in technologies, services, ideas
  • New contract and partners
  • Loss of resources
  • Obstacles to be faced
  • Poor management strategies
  • Economic condition home, abroad